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how to identify “boy” clothes and “girl” clothes





are you a boy? your clothes are boy clothes.

are you a girl? your clothes are girl clothes.

are you outside the binary of boy and girl? so are your clothes.

did someone just tell you your clothes don’t match your gender identity? they are a trashcan and their clothes are trashcan clothes.

Or in the words of Eddie Izzard.. 

Because this cannot be reblogged enough.

Screaming silently in adoration

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International toy research association

Consider membership if you are interested in toys, play, gaming, toy/play history, influence of toys on children’s play and the subject in general!

Next conference 2017!

Braga. Portugal. Attending a toy research conference!

Braga. Portugal. Attending a toy research conference!

Don’t move. He said.  I’ll be right back. He said.  You know I moved…. #bitchontheback

Don’t move. He said. I’ll be right back. He said. You know I moved…. #bitchontheback

Wicked big selfie! #bitchontheback

Wicked big selfie! #bitchontheback

They might get crabby! #signs

They might get crabby! #signs

#signs #siouxfallsairport

#signs #siouxfallsairport











Take note: Different forms of intimacy. 

I would feel so bad washing this off, holy shit

You could take a bath afterward with the artist and they can wash it off for you so you don’t feel responsible for their work. But also, it could teach the same kind of patience and concept that nothing lasts forever, similarly to the Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala tradition. And it could be just another step in your process of intimacy. Just a thought. 

I want to paint on someone holy shit.

I totally can’t paint to save my life but am 100% with being painted/drawn on. This is amazing.

Holy crap wow that gives me a whole new idea entirely…. I mean… I always thought bathing and showering together were one of the greatest ways to be intimate without sex, but holy shit… Painting on each other then bathing together to wash it off?


Yes. Please.

Just…. Unf. Perfect.

Babe lets do this when I come visit


Ooo I wonder if my BF would let me paint on him….

I don’t care if you draw a stick figure or just a smiley face, just paint on me.

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